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To the home page of Urban Logic the Underpinning Specialist on the Central Coast.  We are locally owned & operated with 30 years of experience.  We offer friendly, honest and reliable service, with quality workmanship every time.  No job too big or too small.

If your home has cracking walls or foundation is sinking,  doors won't close,  floors not level  your home's brickwork is Cracking Up?  Then you need to contact Gary at Urban Logic for an obligation free quotation today.  Fully Licensed Underpinner.

Email:  Or  Mobile: 0417 131 445                                                            



Pier Replacement

Floor Levelling

Cracked Bricks

We Specialise in all aspect of Underpinning.  Augered Underpins and Hand Dug Upins

We fix all aspects of  Sub-floor Pier issues, from Ant Caps to New Footings, Concrete, Steel, Brick Timber.

Don't have you Sub-floor checked after you renovate & install your new Tile or Timber floor, do it 'Before' you start to ensure that is even & level. Book your inspection today.

Does your home have cracking brickwork or walls?  This is due to Sub-floor Movement  or Foundation Movement.  You may need your home Underpinned or Re-Stumped.

Lintel Replacement

Retaining Walls



Sub-floor Extensions

Lintels over time can rust or bow which will crack the nearby walls.  We supply & install Galvanized Lintels & repair the cracked Bricwork & masonary.

We excavate and construct Timber, Core Filled Blockwork or Brick Retaining Walls with Drainage behind the wall to elevate any water issues. We also do Sub-floor extensions beneath your home.

Drainage problems can cause a lot of damage to your home & to your health due to mould growing in your Sub-floor area. Install full Drainage Systems to rectify these problems. Sub-floor Ventilation so your home Breathes Easy with Extraction Fans.

Do you Need more room in your home?? Thinking of move to get more space for the growing family?

Then a Sub-floor extension may be the solution for you if you home is a suitable canditate.  you can increase the size by up to 100%  Enquire now . 


we are only a phone call away

​for a Free Quotation

0417 131 445


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